Women's Texas Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

1224 Linton Drive
La Marque, Texas 77568
Phone: (888) 300-3697
Fax: (409) 933-4415

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Pathway to Recovery Inc. has recently opened a new Texas female residential treatment facility for women who are addicted to alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs. Alcohol and drug treatment options are very limited for women with drug / alcohol addiction in Texas and most women have not had readily available treatment for their disease of addiction. We now have a unique new treatment option for women's drug and alcohol rehab in Texas that will help female patients on their journey toward recovery. Pathway to Recovery's Women's alcohol and drug treament center is a safe, caring, and sensitive residential rehab facility providing the opportunity to learn new skills so that women return with new knowledge and experience to their family, employment, and community in the Woodlands area. This new treatment opportunity will bring a much needed choice to women who have not been able to receive treatment for addiction. Pathway to Recovery recognizes the need to listen and respond to the voices of women who have lived with addiction and help them to become healthy and whole. This new opportunity now available for women with addiction, in Texas, can help them start taking control of their disease and help them get on – and stay on – the pathway to recovery.

Our Women's Center recently celebrated their one year anniversary. Click Here to view pictures of the celebration.

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