Nexalin® Therapy

Each year, statistics show almost one in four American adults suffers the agonies of chronic anxiety, depression and the insomnia they bring. This is especially true in alcoholics and addicts. If you're among them, your life is about to change. After many years of intensive medical study and research, a genuine breakthrough treatment has arrived that provides a higher degree of real, lasting relief.

This unique technology is patented globally and already bringing relief to patients in hospitals and therapy centers throughout the nation. It's called Nexalin® Advanced Therapy and it's availible now, to safely and surely give you back your life.

Would you like to be happy again?

If your among the millions of Americans enduring the mental prison of chronic anxiety, depression, or insomnia, what would you do to end the despair? Would you spend 40 minutes a day for just a few days in a soothing, relaxing environment for last relief? Enjoying a therapy so comfortable, that most of our clients sleep restfully right though the sessions?

No pills, no shots, no surgery involved.

This amazing breakthough treatment works like a reset button on your emotions, moods and well-being, returning you safely to normal.

NO serious side effects

Nexalin Therapy is:         Nexalin Therapy involves:
Safe         NO Pain
Long-Lasting         NO Pills
Effective         NO Surgery
Non-Invasive         NO Shots
Clinically Tested         NO Hypnosis
Medically Sound          

Is Nexalin Advanced Therapy safe?

The Nexalin device has undergone multiple double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials, all of which reinforce its record of safety. During these years of study, no serious side effects occured.

How does Nexalin Therapy work?

In a quiet, private room, under soothing light, you'll be comfortably seated ina reclining chair. A trained and certified technicain will carefully place one Nexalin pad on your forehead and one behind each ear.

Through these three pads, virtually undetectable waveforms are delivered to the brain, stimulating the hypothalamus and other structures deep within. This helps your body release its own beta-endorphins, serotonin and enkephalins - the natural neurochemicals known to relieve anxiety and depression.

Buring the series of 10 treatments, Nexalin Therapy gently brings about the significant changes that allow you to return to a normal, balanced, healthy state of mind.

What is Nexalin Therapy?

Is it like a TENS unit? No, TENS units are not indicated for anxiety, depression or insomnia.

Is it electroshock? Absolutely not. Nexalin Therapy is so gentle that most clients fall asleep during their sessions.

Is it like TMS? Not at all. Nexalin Therapy has no discomfort, unlike the weeks of uncomfortable adjustments typical of TMS. Moreover, Nexalin Therapy is far more effective and safer.

Is it like other CES units? Definitely not. Clinical experience has shown that just one series of Nexalin Therapy can provide up to years of relief. Typically, CES results are temporary and ineffective over time.

Dramatic results, happy patients.

Clinical studies show that greater than 90 percent of patients report significant improvement in wellbeing after a Nexalin Advanced Therapy series.

Every day, Nexalin Advanced Therapy results confirm the same astonishing level of patient improvement as demonstrated in clinical trials. On average, patients enjoy an 81 - 85% improvement in their conditions. No other mainstream therapy even comes close.

Nexalin Advanced Therapy...

... involves 10 relaxing, non-invasive therapy sessions.

... a soothing and tranquil experience with highly effective results.

The therapy includes:

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